Media Release: heads deeper into the blogosphere

What do you think about France? What would you like to write about our country?

ABOUT one year ago, we launched, a blog whose commitment was to speak about France through our feelings and personal experiences, far from any corporate or marketing message.

Over 250 articles have already been published, sticking to seasonal trends, our trips, society facts and more… from regional gastronomy recipes and cultural events, to overseas destinations’ chronicles.

One of our regular chapters is ‘What the press is saying about France’, a selection of articles from printed publications (only a few, as hundreds are published every month).

From now on, we have decided to post a monthly blog review. So, please send through your comments and links to your own blog.

What bloggers write about France is of the utmost interest for us and, of course, we do follow most of the British blogs and digital publications.

What is our commitment?

Just opening the doors to undiscovered France, bringing up the niche products and destinations… creating a real community about real France!

So, interested in being part of the game? Then join the club, and let’s move into a win-win situation – why not be a guest author?

We are offering you a free platform and network in exchange for you bringing us your opinions and suggestions (just keep in mind, this blog isn’t in any way commercial as no money changes hands).

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Mirtelli, Head of PR, ATOUT FRANCE UK,

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Contact: Jacqueline Mirtelli