Media Release: ‘Made In’ statement on Ofcom’s local TV decision


IN response to news today that broadcasting regulators, Ofcom, had awarded licences to run local TV channels for Edinburgh and Glasgow, a statement from Made in Edinburgh TV and Made in Glasgow TV…

“We are very disappointed that Made in Edinburgh TV and Made in Glasgow TV have lost out in our bids to create new television channels for the two cities. We believe that we had the ideas and policies in place to deliver a truly innovative service to the people of Edinburgh and Glasgow, involving them in ways which broadcasters haven’t attempted before.

“However, we wish to offer our sincere congratulations to STV. Having studied their proposals, they were always going to be leading contenders. Their challenge now is to deliver the services they promised which means that their real work starts now. We wish them well.

“If we have questions to ask, they’re for Ofcom. In conversations with the former Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and indeed from reading the various consultative documents published by the DCMS, it seemed clear that Government policy was to increase the diversity and plurality of broadcasting throughout the UK. Why did Ofcom decide to ignore that key provision? We await their answer with interest.”

Contact acting station head, David Calder, on 07850 970772.

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Contact: David Calder
Phone: 07850970772