Media Release: Can we all gain by using biomass engineering on sewage?


REMOTE locations seeking to improve the way they deal with their waste water need not feel overwhelmed by the £250 million price tag reportedly attached to plans to modernise the waste water system serving Greater Glasgow.

But there is a waste water treatment system based on ‘aerobic biomass’, with a compact footprint and no smell, that can be purchased for a fraction of the estimated £250 million for Glasgow.

Says Bob Garrow, the Glasgow-based agent for Microbac’s submerged aerated fixed film biological package treatment plants: “A package or container houses a dream environment for natural bacteria.

“A grinder pump or blender on the incoming sewage prepares the bacteria’s food the way it likes it. An aerator pump provides both air and aids a serpentine flow through the plant innards where the natural bacteria live.

“Stir in 20 years of biomass engineering know-how from these plants operating worldwide in sensitive environments.”

Adds Garrow: “I’d be happy for Scottish Water or our Enterprise Minister to commission a trial of our service with Microbac’s portable unit. Because I am confident I could scale up our service to work for all of Glasgow. I’ve estimated it would cost £62,500 to run the trial.

“But where this system is perhaps most relevant is in remote locations as this process can discharge water cleaner than the natural environmental water anywhere in Scotland.

“All within the package box which can be fitted with a weather jacket to ensure optimum, year-round performance from our bacteria.”

RS Garrow is a waste water, sewerage and drinking water innovation business, whose specialisations include tailored, commercially-viable sustainable water and sanitation.

Added Bob: “There are part of the Highlands, for example, that cannot currently be used for housing because of perceived difficulties providing water and waste water systems.

“But there are systems working out there in equally remote areas in other parts of the world that aren’t as held back. ”


Notes to editors:

1. You’ve heard of pop-up shops and restaurants. We can do pop-up sewage treatment works.

2. Video of bioreactor waste water treatment being installed at transit and training camp at Gairlochhead.

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4. Written evidence to the Scottish Government.

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