Media Release: It’s got to be p-p-p-perfect!

New Enclosure

FINISHING touches were being made this week to St Andrews Aquarium’s new penguin enclosure to prepare for the imminent arrival of a waddle of female Humboldt Penguins on Friday 24th May.

Following extensive testing, staff at the aquarium were getting ready to fill the penguin pool with water, and elsewhere in the aquarium signage and window visuals were being applied.

Andrew Whiston, displays manager at St Andrews Aquarium, commented: “We want to have everything looking p.p.p.perfect for when the ladies arrive next week and we really are down to getting all the finishing touches in place now.”

The four female penguins, who are being transferred from the Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight, will settle into their new permanent home at St Andrews Aquarium in Fife next weekend.

The coastal attraction has spent five months developing the new exhibit and are expecting the ‘waddle’ of women to be very popular with visitors.

Originating from South America, the Humboldt Penguin is named after the cold water current it swims in and normally breeds in Peru and Chile.

Whiston continued: “We have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the penguins now for a number of months and we now can’t wait for them to arrive.

“A significant amount of re-development work has gone into the enclosure. It was an area which has not been used for years but now it is ready we cannot wait to show it off to the public and, of course, the penguins when they arrive.”

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