Media Release: The Glow Company releases a handy go-to guide to help prepare for family camping trips


FOLLOWING the publication of a recent survey by The National Trust, which named camping is one of the top three activities to do for children under 12, The Glow Company have published a new Camping Guide for families to use this summer.

Recently listed as number three on The National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4, camping can be a magical and adventurous experience for all the family to enjoy. However, as with all great things, failing to plan appropriately for your camping trip can cause problems. With this in mind, The Glow Company have released a handy go-to guide for camping essentials so that every family can have a great camping trip this summer.

‘Be prepared’ is the Scouts’ famous motto, and they certainly know a thing or two about outdoors survival! The Glow Company’s Camping Guide uses this motto and applies it to the potential needs of a family of three, based on mum, dad and a child, as they undertake a fabulous summer adventure taking in nature and sleeping under the stars.

The focus of the guide is on fulfilling the very basic of human needs, food and shelter. A camping trip won’t get off the ground without a tent, and the camping guide offers advice for appropriate tent sizes as well as ways to customise any tent so that the tent easy to find on busy campsites and to prevent trip hazards, such as guy ropes, with camping essentials such as glowsticks.

Food is also very high list of camping experiences, and The Glow Company’s Camping Guide offers practical advice for cooking outdoors and gives details of handy gadgets such as the Biolite camping stove which makes cooking on camp much easier. A handy piece of kit that runs on sustainable biomass, which can be easily found around any campsite, the Biolite camping stove not only cooks food and boils water, but also charges essential gadgets such as smartphones

The Glow Company Camping Guide also gives details of the latest camping equipment and the simplest of solutions to keep every camper prepared for every eventuality, and to ensure that they will experience comfort away from home. For example, gadgets such as the solar kettle which boils water using the power from the sun, and solar-powered camping lanterns and torches that give light without the need to rely on batteries which means that running out of batteries will never be a problem.

Camping is about fun, and as well as focusing on safety and comfort, the camping guide also suggests types of entertainment that all of the family can enjoy. Take a break from technology and come together as a family to enjoy sports games and activities such as Frisbee, football, rounders and cricket, all of which light up and glow in the dark. Glowsticks are also a great source of fun when camping, and can be used for dancing, juggling and even as a nightlight to give comfort to younger kids in the dark.

A very handy guide for a family to enjoy the great outdoors; The Glow Company aim to help every family make the most of their camping trip this summer.

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