Media Release: Have you gotten your best summer tips on Auvergne, Burgundy and the Nord-Pas de Calais yet?

As you prepare for those last minute trip ideas, get inspired and in the know with our insider suggestions

THIS week, we’re covering the following destinations and topics on our ‘My France A Moi’ Blog:

Auvergne (10/06) – France’s volcano country is also a favourite for French families during their summer holidays. With a gastronomy that has seduced 13 Michelin-starred chefs into establishing themselves there and a wealth of historical heritage, it’s certainly no mystery it’s a favourite among the locals.

Burgundy (11/06) – From the famous vineyards of Chablis, Mâconnais and Côte de Beaune, to the opulent Bresse region through to the mysterious Morvan forest, Burgundy boasts a beautifully well-preserved countryside. With this comes a rich history which can be seen in the old town of Dijon and its world-famous religious sites.

Focus: Abbeys, cathedrals and monasteries (13/06) – Inspired by the Fontenay Abbey, learn about the rest of France’s beautiful religious landmarks such as the classic Mont Saint Michel, the modern Fontevraud Abbey and the Strasbourg Cathedral – the highest cathedral in France. There’s also, of course, all of the edifices along the Way of St. James!

Nord-Pas de Calais (14/06) – You know it as the home of the new Louvre-Lens and as a prime destination for Remembrance tourism, but did you know that it’s a popular film location as well? The second highest grossing film in France of all time ‘Welcome to the Sticks’ was filmed here and showed the rest of the world what makes this region so special.

And stay tuned! Because next week we’ll be climbing to mountainous destinations with a view in Midi-Pyrénées (17/06), Rhone-Alpes (19/06), principal music festivals (20/06) and Savoie Mont Blanc (21/06).

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So stay tuned on My France A Moi to find out how to spend your best summer in France!

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