Media Release: Bionic tag being developed by BioCity Scotland’s latest tenant, NWSS

BIONIC TAG from NWSS at BioCity Scotland will reduce health service costs

NEW World Security Solutions Ltd is the latest tenant to locate at BioCity Scotland, the bio-science facility for small and growing life science ventures, on the M8 corridor at Newhouse.

Taking advantage of the top-quality laboratory facilities on offer, in premises that were previously home to Merck and Organon, the firm has set up a new head office and is in product development.

NWSS’s new product, ‘Pebble’, is designed to help improve the quality of life of those people whose health issues may have meant they have had to previously be managed in secure units for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

The firm believes that this new device could mean a better quality of life for them – in their own communities and thus reduce costs to the NHS and other government bodies. The kind of people who might benefit from this system could suffer from depression, be bi-polar and it might also be of benefit to an older person suffering dementia who has the potential to forget to take vital medication which can be medicated automatically from drugs within the tag.

Jakki Balkwill, from Glasgow and founder of  NWSS Ltd, says: “We are developing a new techno-medical product which will help patients self-medicate.

“Our ‘Pebble’ product will be at proto-type stage within the next 24 months. It is the medical version of a tag which is capable of delivering drugs in a slow released and timely basis, by a remote outside control.

“It has the potential to revolutionise the care of difficult-to-treat patients. It could also provide access to medical information for individuals with life threatening diseases and could be particularly useful during a medical crisis. It empowers people to know and manage their health care issues in an emergency situation at a very critical time. It could alert emergency physicians to the presence of a pacemaker in a patient, medication being taken, or other conditions.”

The tag system would be capable of recognising body statistics, like falling blood pressure. By sending a regular signal to the patient using mobile phone telephony, and GPS, it will be able to detect a potential emergency situation, such as a fall by reading vital body stats. Necessary action could be taken right away.

NWSS was founded in 2011 and is in the process of recruiting at present. It is the 17th business to locate at BioCity Scotland, which opened just over a year ago at Newhouse.

The 20-acre site, close to the M8 corridor in Central Scotland, provides 130,000 sq ft of high quality pharma laboratories and office space. The facility is home to a fast-growing group of dynamic science businesses who have the opportunity to network and collaborate with each other, as well as access to first class support services provided by BioCity Scotland.

Fraser Black, managing director of BioCity Scotland, says: “We welcome Jakki and her team to BioCity Scotland. As with the other fast growing dynamic life science businesses which have located here, they will benefit from high quality, highly-equipped laboratory facilities, business support, routes to funding, and a whole range of other shared services in our mission to grow life sciences in Scotland.”

Earlier this year, BioCity Scotland was awarded the contract to run the Screening Centre for the European Lead Factory, announced by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) which will bring £16million of drug discovery research funding to Scotland.


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