Media Release: ThinJack showcases unique technology in live demonstrations

ABERDEEN-based oil services firm, ThinJack, recently gave visitors the opportunity to see its unique service in action, thanks to a recent series of live demonstrations.

ThinJack normally operates offshore but, to enable a wider audience to see the leading technology at work, it set up a fully-working ThinJack system at Subsea Technologies Ltd in Aberdeen for current and prospective clients operating in the North Sea and further afield.

ThinJack specialises in the rigless separation of seized or stuck well flanges. Theservice uses patented millimetric-thin steel envelopes which are inflated with up to 2,500 bar [~36,000 psi] of hydraulic pressure to exert many hundreds of tonnes of force.

ThinJack deploys its specialist equipment and highly trained technicians anywhere in the world at short notice to separate wellhead flanges which are seized and causing costly delays during well workovers.

The unique ThinJack service is a safe and fast solution for separating and jacking in hazardous, difficult or restricted areas.

During the demonstrations, the ThinJack system was deployed on a Christmas tree formerly in service in the North Sea and kindly loaned by a customer.

It had previously been in service for more than 30 years and the christmas tree covers or bonnets, which had not been previously separated, presented a worthy challenge.

The ThinJack system was connected to four of the flanges and they were quickly and safely separated.

Commenting on the open days, ThinJack director, Guy Bromby, said: “We welcomed more than 20 delegates and they were able to see, in real time, the ThinJack well flange separation service successfully operated.

“Feedback from the events identified new areas where ThinJack forces might usefully be deployed offshore, and these will be researched.”

Fellow director, Alastair MacDonald, added: “Thewholly positive feedback from our industry colleagues who attended emphasises that there is no substitute for seeing at first-hand the tremendous force and stroke generated when inflating the 2mm-thin ThinJacks. The demonstration flanges were successfully separated by ThinJacks delivering controlled forces of nearly 70 tonnes in only a few minutes with an initial gap of just over 1mm.”

ThinJack is headed by Guy Bromby andAlastair MacDonaldand is based at Westhill, Aberdeenshire.

The company currently employs six staff at Westhill, one in Australia and additional trained field technicians from overseas bases at Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia, Houston in Texas and Luling in Louisiana,USA.

The open days were made possible thanks to the support and generosity of Aberdeenshire Council and Subsea Technologies Ltd.

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