Media Release: French Duncan director becomes only Scots solicitor to take insolvency appointments following grant of insolvency permit

31/01/11 - 11013105 - FRENCH DUNCAN

LINDA Barr, Hamilton-based director of Business Recovery and Insolvency with accountants, French Duncan LLP, has become the only Scottish solicitor to pass JIEB and be licensed to take insolvency appointments.

Begins a spokesperson: “Barr has been granted an Insolvency Permit by the Law Society of Scotland, having passed the Joint Insolvency Examination (JIEB) in 2011. Whilst two other Scottish solicitors have been granted permits, neither of them takes appointments.”

Said Barr: “I’m delighted to become one of only three Scottish solicitors to have passed JIEB and to be granted an insolvency permit, this puts me in a unique position to advise on corporate restructuring and insolvencies and to provide personal debt advice.

“And given that the latest statistics reveal that, after Glasgow and Edinburgh, Lanarkshire has the highest incidence of personal insolvency in Scotland, I aim to put my insolvency permit to good use to help Lanarkshire-based individuals and companies to resolve debt issues.”

The spokesperson added: “Barr, who won the Insolvency Lawyers Association prize for merit in the JIEB exam, has invaluable experience of the legal as well as the technical aspects of all insolvency matters. As a qualified solicitor, she has over 12 years legal experience dealing with all aspects of law, including insolvency and property related matters.

“Embarking on a career change three years ago, she now manages the business recovery and FD Debt Solutions teams in French Duncan’s Hamilton office. FD Debt Solutions is an innovative, user friendly concept aimed at offering professional personal insolvency advice and solutions to clients across Scotland.”


For further information please contact Linda Barr on tel 01698 459444

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Date: 11th July 2013.

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