Media Release: Healthy living in Lanarkshire with Therapy4Health

ARE you interested in discussing health concerns in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and learning about holistic therapies and positive lifestyle changes?

An event run by Hamilton-based community group Therapy4Health is promising to be an open, fun and interesting way of bringing people together to discuss and improve their health.

Their Open Day in Hamilton’s Brandon House on Friday 4th October will be an opportunity to meet those running the group for a chat.

It will also feature workshops, lively discussions on health topics and the aim is to leave everyone who attends a bit more enlightened about the subject.

Attendees will experience first-hand the welcoming nature of Therapy4Health’s team, who take care not to intimidate or bombard with jargon and promise to dispel any myths and mysteries.

Since coming together in 2012, the group has run a number of well-attended covering a range of topics relating to holistic medicine, including dealing with anxiety and depression, relieving stress, combatting back pain, reiki, massage and meditation.

Therapy4Health’s Ann Doherty is a nurse acupuncturist who has worked in the community for 25 years.

She felt there was a need for a community-led group that focussed on healthy-living and wellbeing.

“Lanarkshire has one of the highest levels of chronic ill-health in Scotland,” she says.

“I wanted to do something that contributed to general health improvement.

“We welcome anyone interested in improving their health to the group. We keep things interesting by using a range of approaches such as group meetings, workshops and complementary therapies, and discuss a wide range of health-related topics.”

Ann also feels it’s important to be able to offer those who attend Therapy4Health events the best possible knowledge about health: “We’re always getting in touch with charities, groups and agencies to learn from the expertise they have to offer.

“We are very open to working with others and that’s partly what this event is about – making contacts and connections so we can build up an accurate picture of what kind of health treatments are out there in communities.”

Ann feels that the group also has a unique social factor that encourages people to come back.

“People come to the group for a number of reasons,” says Ann. “Some feel isolated, some are unsure about where to get information and support, others are bewildered by the rapid changes seen by the NHS.

“Most feel they have found vital forms of social support within the group.”

The Open Day will be running a ‘How Healthy Are You?’ workshop with questionnaires on healthy living and activity. Each participant will be given a healthy living score with comments on everyday changes they can make to improve their wellbeing.

There will also be blood pressure check-ups complete with expert advice from Blood Pressure UK.

If you would like to attend the event, please contact Therapy4Health in advance on 01698 428889.

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