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A Clockwork Orange

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ACTION to the Word‘s critically-acclaimed, all-male theatrical production of Anthony Burgess’s ground-breaking novel, A Clockwork Orange, will perform at Eden Court Inverness later this month.

Says a spokesperson: “This production is a testosterone-fuelled, electrifying theatrical adaptation of the best-selling novel, which was adapted into Stanley Kubrick’s cult film in 1971.

“Both the original literary source and film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange have become seminal icons in popular culture and remain as relevant today as when they first entered the cultural psyche.

“An unapologetic, visceral exploration of humanity in a ‘fictional’ world full of violence, corruption and redemption, A Clockwork Orange mirrors society past-and-present and the human condition through the glorious glass-edged nastiness of Manchester’s underworld.

“Alex and his Droogs in their battle against the tedium of adolescence choose violence and sexual desire in a dangerous cocktail as the young men battle through the difficulties of youth.

“The vicious plot of Burgess’s novel follows the disturbing life of Alex and his obsession with violence, eventually resulting in his imprisonment and participation in the distressing Ludovico experiment that claims to decriminalise convicts in two weeks through drastic psychological conditioning.”

Adds the spokesperson: “Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange was one of the most important works of fiction of the 20th century, with prophetic sentiments that are increasingly relevant in the world today.

“It is a warning of an encroaching state and the dangers of having our independence robbed. It is also an optimistic view on humanity and suggests that, if given the chance, we humans have the choice to divert to goodness and a path of redemption.”

Cutting-edge theatre company, Action to the Word, was formed in 2008 to create exciting theatre for a wide audience.

Artistic director, Alexandra Spencer-Jones, says: “In the wake of the London riots, A Clockwork Orange has a new power of its own, asking once again, ‘Is it better to be forced to be good or better to choose to be bad?'”

The spokesperson goes on: “As in Kubrick’s film version, which uses music from Beethoven to Singin’ in the Rain, this production also heightens the atmosphere of menace with a strong soundtrack.

“A mesmerising clash of musical cultures with artists including David Bowie, Gossip, The Scissor Sisters, Placebo, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Pink Floyd are counterpointed with Alex’s beloved Beethoven.”

Wed 30 and Thu 31 October, Inverness, Eden Court

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