Media Release: New website delivers the first interview with Tam Cowan


A RECENTLY-relaunched website has kept its promise to deliver breaking news – by securing an in-depth interview with radio host, Tam Cowan.

Co-owner Bryan Cooney, former Daily Mail head of sport, managed to track down Cowan in Glasgow’s prestigious Central Hotel – and received a bonus that eluded a host of big media outlets, including Newsnight Scotland, Scotland Tonight, Loose Women, Radio 5 live and TalkSport.

Cowan recently was dropped from two of Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball programmes, after claims that he trashed the good name of the Scottish women’s football team in a Daily Record column.

A repentant Cowan accepted all the blame for what he described as jokey remarks. And he revealed that emotions almost overwhelmed him when he made his comeback show last Saturday, admitting that his bottom lip had been trembling.

Cooney describes the interview as “seeing another side to Tam Cowan and a very welcome one”.

He added: “There were some very amusing moments but laughter was essentially at a premium. The funny man is a chastened man and is all the better for it. I saw a completely different guy to the one I imagined him to be.

“Our good fortune was that Cowan decided to give a detailed account of the s***storm that enveloped him. We promise to give people a fair deal. Maybe that persuaded Cowan to talk to us.

“Anyway, there were additional bonuses to this story of our politically-correct times: he went into depth about his relationship with Stuart Cosgrove; about the battle with his 19-stone alter ego; living with his warring parents; and his memorable visits to the homes of singing legends like Neil Sedaka and Englebert Humperdinck.

“Many, of course, will still berate him, but I don’t believe for one minute that he is a sexist or misogynist. He claims to have answered hundreds and hundreds of emails and texts.

“Not many so-called personalities would take the time to do that, never mind give me an hour-and-a half of his time.”

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