Media Release: Barbers see into future to stay cut above the rest


THE fashion industry is unique in that it is constantly in a state of change, with new trends emerging as quick as old ones disappear.

For one chain of barbers, a visit from a multi, award-winning men’s hair stylist has given it a glimpse into the future as it prepares for the latest styles to reach the North-east.

The Barber’s Pole recently welcomed leading barber, Chris Foster, to its training venue, who led a range of demonstrations and workshops, giving staff an insight into the types of cuts and finishes that will be relevant during the remainder of the year.

The demonstrations saw staff benefit from one-to-one tuition, allowing them to gain valuable feedback from the celebrity barber on a number of fresh new techniques that they can apply to the high street.

Resident barber, Joan Fletcher, who also teaches at the salon chain’s specialist training facility, was one of the barbers who benefitted from the session and is looking forward to not only honing her own skills, but passing them on to the next generation of barbers.

She said: “Chris is renowned within the barbering world and to be able to receive one-to-one tuition from him was a great experience and incredibly beneficial to all those who were present on his visit.

“He’s a visionary in his field and to be able to get a flavour of the sort of cuts and styles that will be hitting the market in the next few months will stand us in good stead for the remainder of the year.

“As a trainer at The Barber’s Pole Academy, it will be great to pass on his expert advice to the new talent that is currently coming up through the training facility.

“We pride ourselves on allowing our graduates to hit the ground running when they enter the working world and this sort of expertise definitely gives this the best chance of happening.

“We’ve been visited by Chris a couple of times now and from a personal viewpoint it’s of great benefit to my own development. The Barber’s Pole continues to provide an environment that allows its staff to grow professionally and it’s a great place to learn.”

Chris Foster has cut the hair of a number of celebrities and has also worked with a range of models at London and New York fashion week. Celebrity hair cut requests are something that the Barber’s Pole has seen an increase in over the last year, with more and more males taking a vested interest in how they look.

Irene Mair, director of The Barber’s Pole, said: “We’ve definitely seen a change in males becoming more open and confident in explaining what type of haircut they would like as opposed to the usual short, back and sides.

“In the past few months, we’ve had guys visit the salon and ask for a haircut similar to that of celebrities such as Gary Barlow and Joey Essex.

“At the moment, we’re doing a lot of Great Gatsby inspired cuts, with interest in sharp cuts, comb overs and quiffs; the forties look is incredibly popular.”

The Barber’s Pole was established 20 years ago and opened its ninth salon in Westhill earlier on this year. The company has salons throughout Aberdeen city and suburbs offering both walk-ins and appointments with experienced barbers.

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