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Laura Jevons

A NEW study has also found that standing desks can actually improve workers productivity, as well as creativity.

Claremont Office Interiors says that as the average worker spends more time in their workplace than any other activity, this often means the majority of people remained glued to their seats and computer screens all day, which can have a negative impact on their health and also staff morale.

The leading office interiors specialist, based in Aberdeen for the past 15 years, has noticed a growing interest in stand up desks and wellbeing in the office.

Director at Claremont Office Interiors, Laura Jevons, said: “Similar to treadmill desks, electronic desks that can go from a seated position to a standing height at the touch of a button are becoming more popular in the UK market.

“The adjustable desks are the perfect solution for workers as they can move into alternative positions throughout the day to help their posture and comfort throughout the day.”

So, what are the advantages of stand up desks?

More energy and better posture: Standing while you work allows more blood to flow to the brain, making you more alert, compared to being slumped at desk all day where you can often get tired. Standing for some of the day also helps to maintain good posture and relieve lower back pain.

Health benefits: There is a staggering amount of research that has found prolonged sitting can have serious health consequences, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic problems and lead to poor moods. Standing while you work can help to burn calories and aid weight loss, with the average person burning about 100 calories for every mile they walk – a third more than sitting, and that’s without the treadmill element.

Increased focus and activity level:  It has been found that standing can help to get the creative juices flowing, due to workers experiencing less fatigue. Better circulation in the body can make it easier for employees to focus on the task in hand and also improve the overall mood of workers, in turn helping to increase productivity.

Although the treadmill desk may not be for everyone, Claremont Office Interiors suggests with the latest technology allowing desks to change positions so easily and with further research highlighting the health improvements, it may be time to ditch the chairs and re-think how your office works.

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