Media Release: First Vehicle Leasing advises diesel drivers to heed the need for speed


GLASGOW-based finance broker, First Vehicle Leasing (, is advising drivers of diesel cars to heed the need for speed to regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter.

Says a spokesperson: “A Diesel Particulate Filter is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system that traps ‘soot’ particles created during the normal operation of a diesel engine. These are designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

“Whenever drivers of diesel vehicles used mainly for city driving and stop-start commuting see a warning light appear on their dashboard, they should take steps to ensure that they drive at higher speeds on a motorway or dual carriageway above 40mph for a period of time to ‘regenerate’ the Diesel Particulate Filter.

“Manufacturers’ handbooks will detail the warning lights and procedures for individual car models.”

Said Andy Watson, business development manager at First Vehicle Leasing: “If you do not do this, you may need to have the filter replaced, and this cost is unlikely to be covered under the vehicle’s warranty.

“If you plan to drive exclusively in cities, or know your main journeys will be stop-start at low speeds, you may wish to consider the option of leasing a petrol-engined vehicle, which can be just as economical as a diesel.

“Three years ago, you’d probably have chosen a 1.6 or 1.8 litre engine for a mid-sized car.

“Today, Ford’s Focus with a 1.0 litre Ecoflex petrol engine delivers 100 BHP and offers up to 68.9 mpg using the type of turbo charger technology you find in Formula 1 cars. Hybrid cars can offer even better fuel economy.”

More information is available at

According to First Vehicle Leasing, driving style is the major factor affecting the correct operation of a Diesel Particulate Filter.

Adds Watson: “Drivers of diesel vehicles should therefore make sure routes and driving conditions are suitable for the regeneration of the filter and avoid, where possible, short stop and start journeys, low speeds and long traffic jams.

“If these journeys cannot be avoided, try to occasionally find a different route home or to work using faster A-roads and dual carriageways.”

The AA has a practical guide to this issue at

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Date: 18th August 2014

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