Mackenzie sets charity challenge to fellow sports hacks

FREELANCE sports journalist, Roddy Mackenzie, has signed up for what signs like more than some gentle exercise – and is looking for fellow hacks to join him.

The Edinburgh-based owner of sports news agency, Final Whistle Media, Mackenzie has suggested to the charity, Alzheimer Scotland, Action on Dementia that not only does he run a 10km, to raise funds, but that he runs ten of them this year.

Said Mackenzie: “I’m hoping to get as many runners involved as possible, of all abilities. The initial aim is to get 100 runners to raise a 100 pounds each and that would make my target of 10,000 pounds.

“There are a few journalists who pound the streets and I’m hoping they’ll sign up to the cause. There are around 80 10k races in Scotland in 2010 so it shouldn’t be a problem finding races. It’s not like training for a marathon – if you can run one 10k, you can run ten. This will keep you fit for the entire year.”