Young filmmaker makes financial target – by a matter of hours

A YOUNG filmmaker who appealed via the internet for donations to get a film project off the ground has succeeded in reaching her target cash figure

Amy Hawes – who wrote on allmediascotland about her plans to fundraise through a so-called ‘crowd-funding’ website based in the USA – had set a target of $2500, with a deadline of last week to reach it.

Had she failed to reach her goal, she would have been required to pay the website nine per cent in commission rather than four per cent which she requires to pay now.

And with nine hours remaining, she received the final $5 to take her over the finishing line. The final 24 hours saw her raise a remarkable $800.

Throughout her fund-raising campaign, she offered donors a variety of rewards, including updates on her progress, depending on the size of their donation. The website she used is called IndieGoGo.

She plans to begin production on her short film project, Falling for Fitzgerald, in the summer.

She told “The next few months will be spent with my script editor, honing the script and also location scouting. Nearer the time I will begin casting, scheduling the shoot, confirming locations, booking equipment and confirming the crew.

“IndieGoGo is well known, very user-friendly and good looking. And an unexpected spin-off from raising money this way is that I’ve had several industry professionals get in touch, saying they admired the project and would like to donate their services for free.

“Currently there is a BBC camera operator and a TV script editor attached to the film, and I have had a camera, lighting, dolly and jib donated to the film for free.

“The other nice thing is how much publicity I’ve had, with a lot of friendly support offered from practically everyone I’ve spoken to about the film.”