Charities media seminar – Susan Smith, editor of Third Force News

CHARITIES with a story to share with the media have an opportunity to find out what exactly they need to do to stand out from the crowd – from an editor who is, every day, making decisions on what to publish.

Susan Smith, editor of Third Force News (published by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations), is taking part in a Q&A session with subscribers to the media release posting service run by media resources website,

The event, taking place in Edinburgh, is ticketed £5 (for media release subscribers) or £20 (for non-subscribers) and also includes an advice session on what makes a story and how best to craft it as a media release.

Date and time: May 1 2015, 1430-1700 hours.

The afternoon will be also an opportunity for media release subscribers to meet and share tips and experiences.

For more information, email here.