My Media: Andrew Pyke, Customer Research team manager, Tesco Customer Engagement Centre

ANDREW Pyke is the Customer Research team manager at Tesco, in the Customer Engagement Centre

What are your media habits?

Like the wording of the question: habits sum it up. During the week, BBC Radio Four’s Today programme in the morning, which can switch into BBC Radio Scotland or Tay FM.

BBC news, The Herald  and The Courier – online at lunchtime.

Email/Google/Wikipedia all day.

Social media in the evening (Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, in particular).

Also dip into Glasgow University’s qmunciate where my daughter publishes articles and also the Scottish Hockey website to get my son’s hockey updates.

Weekends lean towards the Saturday Guardian and sports websites.

Any particularly favourite journalists, and why?

BBC Radio Scotland’s Richard Gordon and Tom English – voices of sanity in Scottish football

Evan Davis for business and John Pienaar for politics

To what extent has the media become an increasing or decreasing part of your professional life?

Increasing, without a doubt. The usefulness of media has increased significantly but so has the expectation of colleagues that you are up-to-date

To what extent is New Media (websites, social networking, etc) part of your media world?

It’s central to everything, including this interview…

How would you rate the media understanding, and coverage, of your sector?

Very broad but not always very deep… lots of coverage on shopping, customer services, the retailers businesses. But some of it can feel anecdotal.

If you were an editor (newspaper, television, etc. feel free to state which) for a day, what would you do?

Help people appreciate the great content on offer and make it easy for them to get it.