Rebus investigated

THE TV crime drama, Rebus, has become the subject of a behind-the-scenes documentary to be broadcast later this week. Rebus makers, SMG Productions, is behind the documentary, which is being screened on ITV3 at 10.30pm on Friday.

Part three of a four-part series of Rebus was shown last Friday. ‘Rebus: Behind the Scenes’ takes a look at the past and present of the fictional Edinburgh cop, from the first series with John Hannah, to SMG Productions’ latest feature-length episodes, starring Ken Stott.

Promised is an interview with Rebus’ creator, Ian Rankin.

Pre-publicity quotes him: “I’ve often thought about how Rebus and I would get on if we met and the fact is he wouldn’t like me at all. He would see me as a wishy-washy liberal who has never had to do a day’s manual work in his life.”