Wylie to make trip into PR

THE investigations correspondent at BBC Scotland is to leave for a post in the organisation responsible for the co-ordination of transport provision in the west of Scotland.

After 12 years at BBC Scotland, Bob Wylie is to become the director of communications for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, previously known as Strathclyde Passenger Transport, includes the Glasgow subway in its remit.

He’ll be starting his new job in a couple of months’ time, where he will help co-ordinate internal and external information campaigns and develop the profile of the company.

Bob – who presumably won’t be required to announce over railway station PA systems, with his distinctive west of Scotland accent, that the Partick service is delayed by five minutes – was spotted at Hampden Park on Saturday, for the Scotland versus France European championships qualifier.

He was enjoying BBC Scotland hospitality and was sat next to comedian and mimic, Jonathan Watson. A question of life imitating art?