Sun stretches lead in dailies sales race

A GAP of almost 25,000 copies now divides The Scottish Sun from the Daily Record in the race to be Scotland’s best-selling daily newspaper, the divide ever widening despite the Record recently launching an evening edition for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

But while the Scottish Sun’s average 414,655 sales last month compared favourably to the Record’s 390,197, it still lags behind the 484,744 enjoyed by the country’s best-seller, the Sunday Mail.

At 306,775 next in the ABCs comes the Scottish News of the World, while the Sunday Post pitches in at 295,141. Then comes the Scottish Daily Mail, at 127,672, followed immediately by its Sunday sister, at 123,987.

All the others deliver less than 100,000 copies: Daily Star (89,853), Scottsh Daily Express (82,119), Sunday Times Scotland (75,195), The Herald (71,195) and Scotland on Sunday 69,919).

Next in the pecking order is The Scotsman (58,036), the Sunday Express (58,036), the Sunday Herald (54,727) and the Mirror (39,876).

Next up is the Sunday Mirror (34,042), the Daily Star – Sunday (34,042), The Times (29,917) and The People (27,500).

Bringing up the rear are The Daily Telegraph (24,746), the Sunday Telegraph (22,491), The Observer (21,909), The Guardian (16,160), The Independent (16,160), The Independent on Sunday (9,654) and the Financial Times (5,533).