Poll win for Scottish scenery

THE Mel Gibson movie, Braveheart, about Scottish historical figure, William Wallace, has topped a poll about film scenery.

The movie received almost a quarter of the vote, which was run by the LOVEFiLM DVD rental website, with second place (and 15 per cent of the vote, compared to Braveheart’s 24 per cent) going to Much Ado About Nothing.

Some 400,000 people use the Love Film site, and 5000 took part in the poll. Third place went to the Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (specifically the King’s Cross rail station scene), with New Zealand’s dramatic vistas helping the Lord of the Rings trilogy into fourth.

Said Scottish Screen, which assists film producers in their hunt for film locations: “We are really pleased that Love Film users appreciate the breathtaking scenery that Scotland has to offer.

“It’s clear from the survey that films shot in Scotland offer some wonderfully iconic scenes, like those from Braveheart, Local Hero and Trainspotting that really linger in the viewers’ memories.

“That’s why Scotland is second only to London for filming activity in the UK. Great locations are an important part of Scotland’s offering to filmmakers, along with highly skilled, talented and experienced crew base, invaluable advice and support and the longest shooting days in the UK.”