Set construction milestone for new film studio

A NEW film production centre in Glasgow yesterday welcomed its first feature film into its studio, with its residency expected to last well into next year.

Film City Glasgow, based in the city’s Govan district, is to be home, for the next few months, to the set of ‘Outpost’, being co-produced by Scottish company, Black Camel Pictures.

And yesterday, ahead of principal photography beginning on January 8, work began on constructing the set, in a studio some 23 metres long, 18m wide and 14m high.

‘Outpost’ is based on a script by Rae Burton and promises to be “a high octane, gory scare-fest in the tradition of Aliens, Predator and The Descent”.

Advance publicity continues: “Set in an unnamed Eastern European country ravaged by war, the film focuses on a world-weary team of battle-worn mercenaries who are hired by a mysterious businessman to venture into no-man’s land and scope out an abandoned military bunker. Once at the outpost, their mission takes a turn for the worse when they discover a room full of mutilated bodies.”

It is being directed by Steve Barker and the cast is still being assembled.

Says Black Camel’s Arabella Croft: “Steve is one of the most talented new directors in the UK, and it’s refreshing to see how fast a deal can come together when you have a great package.”

It will be around January, that Film City Glasgow then becomes home to core tenants, Sigma Films production company (the name behind the hugely successful movie, Red Road), Savalas Sound Studios and Serious Facilities picture post-production outfit.

Following an expected press launch in February or March, further development of the centre will include creating between and 18 and 20 offices for the film community to rent.