Feathers ruffled by new ad

SAY its makers, no pigeons were harmed in the making of an internet advert for a company operating football five-a-side pitches.

But the shot of feathers being scattered will no doubt help guarantee its makers – Edinburgh-based ad agency, Newhaven – yet another worldwide, viral marketing hit for clients, Powerleague.

A year ago, an ad for the same client, again by Newhaven, appeared to involve a hamster running inside a clear, plastic ball.

This, more recent ad was written by Newhaven creative directors, Zane Richards and Gareth Howells. It was produced by The Gate Films, which has offices in Edinburgh, Manchester and London and was directed by a couple of new, young directors who brand themselves Tom and Rory.

For a kick-off, the ad was being emailed to Powerleague’s 70,000-strong database.

See the ad here.