Three down, 500 to go

OVER the last couple of days, commissioning editors have been asked to respond to a simple piece of market research.

If was to set up a ‘bulletin board’, to allow mainly freelancers to say what work they have done each day, to what extent would commissioning editors search it with a view to hiring?

In other words, if there was a facility for a photographer to post the fact that s/he has just done a series of shots of the First Minister at home, or a writer to say that s/he has just completed a feature on stem cell research, might that be worth searching for, with a view to possibly commissioning?

The search would be free. And you wouldn’t be commissioning blind, because you could check out samples of work on the freelancer’s web page on…

So far there have been three responses – each in favour of the proposal. Dozens more responses – for and against – are required before any decision can be made to proceed with the plan.

So, if you like what we’re proposing, you’ll need to let us know soon. To be clear, this is a service being offered to Scotland’s media community, to bring commissioning editors and writers, photographers, etc closer together. But we won’t be going ahead with the idea, unless we get concrete, positive responses. Please respond to the following address:

NB This market research appeal is going to run for a few days. Tell all your commissioning editor chums, be they on newspapers, magazines, independent TV production companies or in PR agencies