Website designed to get you in the mood for healthy living

A WEBSITE with auction functionality has been created be one of Scotland’s top advertising agencies, to help promote healthy living.

On behalf of the Scottish Dairy Marketing Company, Union Direct has created, containing the likes of mountain bikes and other sports equipment.

But instead of bidding for the items with cash, members of the public use tokens they collect from packs of milk they have purchased.

The consumer bidding the highest number of tokens for each item in the auction wins the prize.

Packs will be distributed across all the major supermarket groups in Scotland as well as many independents, supported by extensive point-of-sale material, also created by Union Direct.

Says Daniel Clare, managing director at Union Direct: “Our brief was to make people sit up and take notice of milk as well as of course boosting sales. Moobay will particularly appeal to the key target audience of young people and help to position milk as fun, exciting and an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.”