Crown bowls Record rivals a reminder

THE Daily Record’s splash on Thursday – concerning a couple arrested, after accidentally stumbling into a police ‘sting’ – was a great tale, well told.

But next day, pretty much all was eerily quiet as far as follow-ups by rival newspapers were concerned.

Perhaps it had something to do with an operational note put out by the Crown Office, which read: “In light of current media interest in this ongoing criminal investigation, editors are reminded that proceedings in this case are active in terms of the Contempt of Court Act. Any speculation about the evidence in this case could prejudice the ongoing criminal investigation.”

It continued: “Editors are asked to act responsibly and refrain from publishing material which could be prejudicial to the on-going criminal investigation and to any subsequent proceedings.”

Not that there is any suggestion that the Record article did anything but firmly stay this side of the law – while beating everyone else to the story.