A question of sport

GRAHAM Spiers was meant to have started his new sports writing job at The Times last month, but was allowed a few weeks more – after being lured from The Herald earlier this year, where he was chief sportswriter.

So, Friday saw his first appearance in the paper, and there he was again, yesterday. He’ll be producing two columns per week.

It is a book on former Rangers football club manager, Paul Le Guen, that Spiers has almost completed writing, that led to the slight delay in him taking up his post. Although an unauthorised biography, Le Guen has granted Spiers a couple of interviews in Paris.

And talking of interviews, Spiers recently enjoyed a face-to-face chat in London with The Times editor, Robert Thomson, finding his new boss remarkably well-briefed on Scottish football.

Not only that, but Thomson enquired about Spiers’ under-graduate study of theology, only to then ask if Le Guen is a Huguenot?

Not a question often asked in football circles, perhaps? Or even newspaper ones?