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MORE advice. Another website. Just what I need. So what’s different about this one? Well, this time it’s about your bottom line. Sales, how to get them, how to get more of them, how to reach the people who will buy your product.

A long-standing hunch in the business community is that Scottish people are great at innovation and development, but fail to sell themselves and their products. Why? We navel gaze into domestic markets while our products yearn to be launched on a world stage.

Whatever your market, domestic or international, we all need a ‘back to basics’ in selling. Bottom line: promoting, branding, targeting customers, advertising… flogging.

Whatever you call it, your business needs to start thinking about marketing right from the start of your business venture to make it work and generate those all important profits.

So what does the Scottish Marketing Community offer?

The piece-de-resistance of the Scottish Marketing Community is the animated interactive Get Marketing! game. It takes CEOs and managers through a simulated business scenario, letting them make choices on product, development and sales strategy, teaching them the key concepts of successful marketing.

Because we know you won’t have half an hour every day to be pouring over strategy advice and long-winded documents, we’ve commissioned and pulled together easy-to-access, tailored advice for your business.

So we’re directly meeting your business’s needs, we’ve established a regular ‘Ask an Expert’ session allowing you to pick the brains of business people and marketing experts who have had success marketing their products.

You simply post your question on the website and we post all the answers for your reference. And, we don’t expect you to remember the dates of sessions, we email to tell you when the session opens and closes.

The first session saw a raft of probing questions put to Iain Graham, chair and chief executive, and Paul White, chief marketing officer, of highly successful Graham Technologies, specialists in contact centre software.

Questions ranged from how to do marketing on a shoe-string budget to financial relationships with marketing partners.

We will be hosting expert sessions from all kinds of businesses so you can draw on knowledge from your own sector.

Once you’ve got the answers you want, the Scottish Marketing Community forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions of other members, share ideas and problems, or forge strategic partnerships. There is no limit to the possibilities of the virtual forum.

Over 100 businesses are now members of the Scottish Marketing Community – so, once you post a discussion thread, you will be part of one of the biggest conversations in Scottish business.

The news section is updated regularly, not only bringing you the latest marketing news, but it is specially selected and written to draw your attention to new ideas in the market that you might be able to replicate.

Who knows where the advice and conversations on the Scottish Marketing Community will take your business? Log on to today to join the new marketing buzz in Scotland.

Jenny Marra, The Value Innovators