Sunday Mail mourns loss of two pioneers

THE funeral of the Sunday Mail’s first-ever staff photographer is taking place on Thursday, Andy Allan having died last week of a heart attack. And it was not the only blow at the newspaper, following the death of writer, John Burrowes.

It was Burrowes, who died aged 77, who founded the paper’s famous The Judge column, while Allan, who died aged 63, was the man who introduced colour pictures to the Sunday Mail, as picture editor.

Among nine books Burrowes penned, his most famous was a biography of Scottish boxing legend, Benny Lynch. At his funeral on Saturday – which he is said to have organised meticulously himself – no-one was allowed to wear a black tie and everyone was ordered to remember him with a smile or a funny story.

Lots of today’s press photographers, meanwhile, owe their first start in the Scottish media to Andy. He worked too at the Daily Record and Scottish Daily Mail – where he was also picture editor.

His funeral takes place at Linn Crematorium, Glasgow, at 11am.