Pic ed poised to reveal all

NEXT Tuesday, all will be revealed, following a photographic competition led by, among others, the picture editor of the Sunday Herald newspaper.

Elaine Livingstone has been at the forefront of a competition where members of the public – including professional photographers – were each given a roll of film and told to take a single photograph of 12 different topics, including independence, gorgeous, green and exit, during the course of a day.

The photographs were taken in Glasgow two weeks ago and, since they were taken on film, none of the participants knew how good their shots were. They still don’t. At the Glasgow Science Centre, next week, the results will be unveiled.

Over 100 people took part in the event, called Photomarathon.

Says Elaine: “Basically, Photomarathon is a 12-hour long competition, where participants are given one roll of film with only 12 exposures on it and, throughout the day, 12 topics are released to them. The challenge being, they only have one shot per topic, and because it’s on film, they have no way of checking how the shot has turned out until the opening night of the exhibition, where everyone who has entered work is displayed and the winners are announced.”

She adds: “The event has run in Cardiff, very successfully, for the last four years. I was approached by the Cardiff organisers to host a Glasgow version, which we did on exactly the same day as the Cardiff event: same time, with participants in both cities tackling exactly the same topics. The intention is to attempt to add a city a year so the event grows and grows. It also takes place in many other European cities at the moment.

“The event is non profit-making and relies on sponsorship – including from the Clydesdale Bank and exhibition hosts, the Mitchell Library and the Glasgow Science Centre, in Glasgow – and volunteers. This makes it more special, I think, as people are doing it for the love of it, really.”