New-Look Sunday Herald launches as strike is called off

AS reported as late breaking news on Friday, the National Union of Journalists has called off its strike at the Herald group of newspapers, following reassurances from management that it won’t now be seeking compulsory redundancies, as it tries to cut its budget.

Friday had initially seen NUJ members at the Evening Times walk out, followed by colleagues at the Sunday Herald – the latter a two-day walk-out intended to disrupt production of what was going to be a new-look paper.

But, by noon, peace had broken out. Friday’s action had been preceded by two walk-outs during the previous fortnight.

Talks between the NUJ and the Herald group boss, begin tomorrow, not least to discuss company plans to implement a new production system, which is likely to result in job cuts – voluntary redundancies, etc, but not sackings.

And the new-look Sunday Herald? Spike’s opinion? A ‘thumbs up’. But feel free to disagree (or agree) in the comments section below.