Sun sales stay strong despite price hike

A PRICE rise from 15p to 20p at the start of last month appears to have barely dented sales of The Sun in Scotland, according to the latest circulation figures.

Says the ABCs, the Sun sold an average 397,509 each day in July, just a little down on its June figure of 398,114. And while the Daily Record will have hoped to capitalise on its rival’s price increase, its July average was also down on the previous month: to 363,543, from 368,271.

As usual, the biggest-selling newspaper in Scotland last month was the Sunday Mail, though its average was down from 462,304, in June, to 454,865 last month.

Scotland on Sunday lost over 8,000 sales between June and July: from 68,721 to 60,500.

Of course, July is a holiday month, so it’s not surprising that some circulations have taken a dip.

Between May and July, The Herald – until recently, at the centre of industrial action by the National Union of Journalists – suffered a drop from 71,262 to 65,891.

Elsewhere, the July average circulations read as follows:

Scottish News of the World 284,350 (compared to 293,524 in June), Sunday Post 274,187 (compared to 277,216), Scottish Daily Mail 130,557 (compared to 126,197), Scottish Mail on Sunday 115,003 (114,785), Scottish Daily Star 95,418 (96,790), Scottish Daily Express 79,493 (78,361), Sunday Times Scotland 64,526 (68,102), Scotsman 53,256 (55,621), Sunday Herald 48,746 (53,621), Scottish Sunday Express 48,543 (47,164), Scottish Daily Mirror 34,705 (35,007), Scottish Sunday Mirror 33,628 (32,239), Daily Star – Sunday 32,787 (31,357), Times 27,395 (27,608), Daily Telegraph 24,727 (25,608), The People 23,900 (24,121), Sunday Telegraph 21,661 (22,470), Observer 20,855 (21,688), Guardian 15,682 (15,818), Independent 9,382 (9,327), Independent on Sunday 8,927 (10,291), Financial Times 5,333 (5,600).