River City celebrates fifth birthday

CONGRATULATIONS to BBC Scotland and its soap opera, River City, which this evening is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a super-tense episode, and – judging from the blurb below – has clearly given the publicists the chance to have a bit of fun…

“Archie prepares to fake his suicide by writing notes for Gina and Liz. His plan is to run away with Niamh, leave Shieldinch for good and escape a prison sentence for embezzlement.

“However, just as he has almost executed his plan, Liz discovers his and Niamh’s fake passports and plane tickets and, suddenly, all becomes clear.

“There is an almighty showdown in the Buchanan house – Liz screams for Gina who tries to stop Archie from leaving. Archie then tries to kill Gina – so a distraught Liz comes to the rescue of her daughter-in-law… by hitting Archie over the head with an urn containing his father’s ashes. He falls into the fireplace and lies motionless – has Liz killed her son?

“And if so, what will she and Gina do next?”

Find out more this evening, at 8.30pm, on BBC One Scotland.