Baxter off to green pastures

THE head of media and communications with the Scottish Greens is joining an energy company – to assist it in its promotion of ‘green energy’.

George Baxter has been with the Scottish Greens for four years, but is to become public affairs manager with Scottish and Southern Energy, based in Perth.

He says: “May’s election marked the end of a political cycle and it marked the point at which many people around Holyrood started taking stock of the future, me included.

“I’m attracted to Scottish and Southern Energy because it has sustainability as one of its core values, is clearly committed to delivering green energy and embraces the responsibility everyone has to tackle climate change.”

He adds: “SSE has an explicit commitment to profound changes in the way energy is produced and used and I want to play a part in an organisation that is trying to deliver those kind of changes in practice.

“I also have family reasons for wanting to be based somewhere closer to home in Perthshire and I’m really looking forward to the change of role and the fresh challenge ahead.”