Gallagher chosen as TRC chair

THE chief executive of one of the UK’s most successful independent television production companies has been appointed chair of the Glasgow-based TRC, formerly known as The Research Centre.

Eileen Gallagher, of Shed Media, is a former managing director of LWT and deputy managing director of Granada Broadcasting. The TRC describes itself as a ‘talent and business development centre’, providing ‘high-end training and development programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and independent producers’.

The TRC board includes Stuart Cosgrove, Channel 4’s Director of Nations and Regions; Neville Manuel, director of Strategy and Business Development, BT; David Reilly, head of Commercials and Brand Content at IWC Media; Andrew Chitty, managing director of Illumina Ltd; Margaret Scott, Creative and Business Development, MnE Media; Donald-Iain Brown, head of Talent for BBC Scotland; Colin Cameron, consultant; Judith MacKenzie, fund manager, Electra Quoted Management Ltd; Prof. Philip Schlesinger, academic director, University of Glasgow; and Diane Herbert, director of Human Resources at Channel 4.

Gallagher was chair of the producers representative group, Pact, from 2002-3. She is also a former director of broadcasting at stv.

TRC also has an office in Manchester.