Strong Scots presence in Celtic media shortlist

WELL over a dozen Scottish entries to this year’s Celtic Media Awards have made it to the 18-category shortlist.

The festival – taking place in Galway, Ireland, between the 16th and 18th of April – celebrates the best in Scottish, Welsh and Irish film, radio and TV.

Plus entries from Cornwall and Brittany, France.

Included among the Scottish shortlisted entries are the movie, The Last King of Scotland, and the current affairs programme, ‘Tales from the Edge: The Children who Disappear’, broadcast on BBC Scotland.

The shortlist reads:


Holi Hana – ‘Dawnsio Bale’ episode, Calon / S4C, Wales;
Haunted Hogmanay, BBC Scotland / Kolik Films, Scotland;
Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly’s History of Ireland, Brown Bag Films, Ireland.

Current affairs

Y Byd ar Bedwar – Milwr di-gartre, ITV Cymru, Wales; Datganoli, Ffilmiaur Bont / S4C, Wales;
Tales from the Edge: The Children who Disappear, BBC Scotland, Scotland;
Spotlight – The Pitbull Sting, BBC Northern Ireland, Ireland

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