Public meetings set up by Scottish Broadcasting Commission

MEMBERS of the general public are being invited to contribute their views on the future of Scottish broadcasting at a series of meetings being hosted by the Scottish Broadcasting Commission.

The commission, set up in August to look at television production in Scotland and its potential, wants to know whether television is giving viewers and licence-fee payers what they want to watch.

Says the commission: “[Our members] are keen to hear directly from the public, particularly on whether the Scotland they know and want to see is reflected on television.”

The first meeting takes place a week tomorrow, in Aberdeen. Thereafter, they are taking place as follows:

* 8 April – Stirling
* 11 April – Dumfries
* 14 April – Dundee
* 15 April – Oban
* 16 April – Peebles
* 21 April – Stornoway
* 23 April – Edinburgh
* 25 April – Lerwick
* 30 April – Inverness

A meeting in Glasgow is also being planned.

Says commission chair, Blair Jenkins: “Television is a subject everyone has an opinion on. Whether it’s too much football or not enough, a favourite show that they can’t miss or something they want to switch off the moment they hear the theme tune.

“As we continue our investigation into the potential for the broadcasting industry in Scotland, we’re particularly keen to know whether viewers feel that what is currently being shown on TV meets what they want to watch.

“Our public events across Scotland are one way in which people can have their say.”

All events are free but places are limited so those interested in taking part need to apply for a ticket, at least seven days in advance.

Applicants need to provide their name, postal address and the event they would like to attend.