Macleod’s many voices compressed into one website

ONE website, many voices. It was a slightly disconcerting experience for the designer of a website for a Scottish voice-over artist who is currently appearing in many guises on the new, satirical TV show, Headcases.

Lewis Macleod is the man behind the voices of, among others, Gordon Brown, Pete Docherty, Jeremy Clarkson, Andy Murray, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and George Clooney, on the ITV show, a computer-generated follow-up to the puppets of the now legendary Spitting Image.

And his new website was designed by Keith Bryan, of the Glasgow-based media consultancy, The Broadcasting Business.

Says Bryan: “Building his website was quite a challenge. When we met to discuss the content, I found I was dealing with a different person each time. One day, the whole discussion was with the voice of Gordon Brown; the next, it was George W Bush. Billy Connolly made regular appearances too. I don’t think I ever talked to the real voice of Lewis Macleod… if, indeed, there is one.”