The Daily Record and that matter of the Status Quo

THE Saturday newspapers have an important role to play as an antidote to the hard grind of the Monday-to-Friday working week, and a degree of levity is entirely permissible.

So Spike liked the Daily Record’s third leader item on Saturday, under the heading, ‘12-Bard Blues’, with its sting in the tail for those readers who are partial to rockin’ all over the world.

The red-top opined: “Traditionalists may be upset that the organisers of the 2008 Burns Rock At The Racecourse event in Ayr have chosen Status Quo as the headline act. No doubt they will draw thousands to the show.

“But Burns enthusiasts are hard-pushed to see any link between the Bard and the band. It’s not that difficult really. The Quo must be the only act still on the road who knew Burns in person.”