Dr Who coup for Mackinnon

THE first of a two-part episode of Dr Who, directed by a Scot, is being broadcast tomorrow evening.

Douglas Mackinnon is the only new director on this, the fourth series of the Sci-fi classic in its recent re-incarnation. The Fife-based director spent five weeks on the shoot, beginning in September, and completed post-production only last week. It’s believed this episode contains more special effects than any of the others in the series.

A personal highlight of the shoot was being able to have his nine year-old son step into Dr Who’s ‘time machine’, the Tardis.

Last year, Mackinnon scored a notable success as director of the first three episodes of the BBC TV drama, Jekyll, starring James Nesbitt.

On Monday, he leaves for Budapest, to direct the first episode of another BBC drama: Robin Hood.

And his episode of Dr Who graces the current edition of the TV listings magazine, Radio Times.