Sun maintains lead over Daily Record in sales battle

DESPITE last month returning to its standard price for the first time in four years, The Scottish Sun appears to have lost none of its advantage over its nearest rival in the circulation battle between Scotland’s two top-selling daily newspapers.

When it was last at 30p, it was selling an average 338,000 copies per day. According to the latest set of ABC circulation figures, the paper sold an average 400,903 per day last month – in actual fact, widening slightly its April average gap over the Daily Record.

On average, during May, a gap of 36,143 separated the two titles. In April, it was 35,910.

The May ABCs reveal an average net circulation of 400,903 (up from an average 399,321 in April) for the Scottish Sun and 364,760 for the Daily Record (compared to 363,411 the previous month).

Meanwhile, the Sunday Mail continues to be the biggest-selling newspaper in Scotland, though its average was yet again down, from 450,880 in March, 445,678 in April, to 445,096 last month.

Average Net Circulation figures include free give-aways.

The other figures, at a glance, are:

Scottish News of the World 290,014 (compared to 279,073 for April), Sunday Post 267,284 (compared to 271,795), Scottish Daily Mail 124,515 (126,542), Scottish Mail on Sunday 111,126 (115,903), Scottish Daily Star 84,840 (84,864), Scottish Daily Express 75,561 (75,212), Sunday Times Scotland 69,536 (66,735), The Herald 66,588 (65,286), Scotland on Sunday 65,384 (63,500), The Scotsman 51,792 (50,790), Sunday Herald 47,165 (47,610), Scottish Sunday Express 42,046 (43,172), Scottish Daily Mirror 32,854 (32,161), Scottish Sunday Mirror 29,688 (28,965), The Times 28,862 (27,987), and the Scottish Daily Star – Sunday 28,641 (28,350).

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