Fun pic in Berlin reprises West End PR stunt

A PR stunt staged in the West End of Glasgow two years ago has been reprised in Berlin, as a part of a TV programme being screened this evening.

Tonight, BBC3 series, ‘The Last Millionaire’, sees Oli Norman, who owns Glasgow-based marketing agency, DADA, introduce some nudity to a student bar in Berlin as part of a money-making challenge.

The second episode of the BBC series has Oli teaming up with Oliver Zissman, a former owner of a fitness empire, in a bid to be ejected from the show.

The Last Millionaire involves pairs of young entrepreneurs competing against each other in various European cities, the pair earning the most money in any particular week securing their freedom to return home.

The original stunt saw 34 members of the public pose nude in a West End bar to be photographed by snapper, Alastair Devine.

The pic is estimated to have featured in around 500 publications across the world.

This time round, the venue was a student hostel bar in Berlin and featured seven students from all over the world, with Zissman taking the participant numbers up to eight by stripping off and taking part in the photograph.

Norman, who recently won the Ernst & Young ‘Young Scottish entrepreneur of the year 2008’ award, said: “When the BBC said the theme for the second week was ‘performance’, the stunt which DADA organised a few years ago in Glasgow immediately came to mind – it was hugely successful, great fun and daring and was perfect for what we were being asked to do in Berlin.

“The Scottish picture took about six weeks to organise, with an award-winning photographer behind the lens. However with this one, we had about three days to organise it all and most importantly bring in the element which was going to make us money – which involved whipping up the German media into a bit of a frenzy – all of which will be unveiled in tonight’s show.”

The show is being screened at 9pm.

P.S. Update – Thursday: Norman and his partner ‘win’ and so exit the programme.

Oliver Zissman is pictured second from the left, leaning against the bar and looking directly at the camera (pic credit: DADA / Lady Luisa).