Conference session to debate possible futures for out-of-London indie sector

JUST how the independent television production sector in Scotland might react to both more work coming their way, and also less, is to be the subject of a debate at a conference later this month.

‘Building the independent sector outside London’ has just been added to the two-day agenda of the 16th Television from the Nations and Regions Conference – being held in Salford, and taking place on the 19th and 20th.

The session – which is to include Scot, Stuart Cosgrove, among its panellists – tries to look beyond a current review of public service broadcasting by broadcasting regulators, Ofcom.

One question is: How would today’s ‘key players’ respond to a ‘positive’ outcome for the out-of-London TV production sector, following the review? And also a ‘negative’ one?

The session is to be chaired by Roger Boulton, of Flame TV.

Included among those joining Cosgrove – who is director of nations and regions at Channel 4 – are Jeff Anderson, controller, documentaries and current affairs, ITV, and Malcolm Brinkworth, chief executive, Touch Productions.

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