Advertising cheer for newspapers provided by survey

PEOPLE in the UK pay more attention to newspaper advertising than any type of advertising on the internet, according to a survey just published.

According to ‘Media Democracy’, published by business advisory firm, Deloitte, some 56 per cent of the survey respondents said adverts in newspapers captured their attention more than any type of online advertising. The corresponding figure for magazine advertising was 59 per cent.

This encouraging survey data for the newspaper and magazine industries involved 2,023 respondents, aged between 14 and 75.

In fact, nearly three-quarters of respondents (73 per cent) admitted they enjoyed reading printed magazines even though they know they could find most of the same information online.

Indeed, some 46 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: “An important feature of printed magazines is the advertising that helps me learn about new things for my family and me.”

Meanwhile, when asked if they would pay an annual subscription fee for their favourite TV shows to be available without adverts, some 34 per cent of respondents said ‘Yes’.

And when asked which types of advertising had most impact on their buying, some 84 per cent of respondents rated TV adverts among their top three, 54 per cent magazines among their top three, 45 per cent newspapers among their top three and 45 per cent online among their top three.

The full details of the survey are being shared exclusively with Deloitte clients.