Paul praised for snow business perseverance

SPIKE wonders if Aberdeen-based stv reporter, Cheryl Paul, was blushing to the roots of her red hair yesterday after the ‘honour’ of having the third leader in Scotland on Sunday dedicated to her – over a snowball imbroglio.

Cheryl came in for a fusillade of snowballs from a bunch of yobs in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, as she was broadcasting live on the problems caused by extreme winter weather in the town.

The SoS leader writer reported: ”Cheryl did her best to plough on, and kept her cool even when one snowball hit her on the shoulder.

“It was hardly a war zone, but her coolness under fire in Aberdeenshire was commendable.

“What’s more, it later emerged that the veteran of 13 years’ reporting took the louts to task after she had finished her piece to camera, Typically, the cowards – all grown men – legged it back to the pub they had come from rather than stand up to her.”