PCC rejects claim of inaccuracy aganist Sunday Herald

THE Press Complaints Commission has ruled that the Sunday Herald did not breach the editors’ Code of Practice when it reported concerns about a paid consultancy involving a well-known peer and MSP.

A front page story on February 1 reported that a complaint had been made to the Holyrood Standards Commissioner about Lord Foulkes undertaking lobbying and consultancy work for a law firm.

While there was no dispute that such a complaint had been made, Lord Foulkes said he had told the newspaper prior to publication that a similar previous complaint had been rejected by the Standards Commissioner – yet the newspaper had not included that information in its report.

This failure, he said, was likely to mislead readers.

The Commission disagreed. The fact was that a new complaint had been made and had yet to be decided by the Standards Commissioner.

To see the adjudication in full, please click here.