Test radio station declared a success

A TEST radio station – which began broadcasting last month – is claiming itself to be a success, in the hope of winning the right to operate on a permanent basis.

The Coast 107 began its test transmissions in the Edinburgh area – on the frequency vacated by the now defunct all-speech station, talk107 – to find out how its ‘more tracks, less chat’ brand of music broadcasting would go down with listeners.

The Celador-backed station is now in its final week of testing – in doing so, is offering a seven-night holiday package in the USA as a competition prize.

Says station manager, Charles Fletcher: “We’ve had an enthusiastic response to the music we’re playing. It’s hitting our target audience spot-on and it really emphasises the need for a station just like this in Edinburgh.”

The Coast 107 launched on the 23rd of last month and operates on a Restricted Service Licence – awarded by broadcasting regulators, Ofcom – until Friday.

Its hope is Ofcom will re-advertise the 107FM frequency in Edinburgh, which has lain fallow since the collapse of talk107 in December.

Pictured: Station manager, Charles Fletcher.