He was a Kung Fu fighter

THE recent death of actor, David Carradine – probably best known for his appearances in the TV series, Kung Fu, during the 1970s and the Kill Bill movies of these last few years – had a former art director at The Scotsman newspaper recollecting, the other day, his own encounter with the star.

Edinburgh-based Graeme Murdoch – who has also worked for The Observer and Sunday Telegraph – was on holiday, staying at The Algonquin Hotel, in New York.

Eventually, the pair were to spend a few days in each other’s company.

Says Murdoch: “As he was staying in the hotel for three days, we hung out for breakfast… and drinks. He had a double Remy Martin every morning before 8am and then more later.”

But they hadn’t get off to the best start.

Indeed, they almost squared up to each other, with Carradine reminding his opponent of his Kung Fu fighting skills.

And then he asked what did Murdoch mean by the threat of being given a ‘Glasgow Kiss’, came the response: “Kung Fu, without hands.”